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Horizon Research Publishing, USA : Call for Papers‏

Dear Colleague,

Horizon Research Publishing,USA (HRPUB) is a worldwide open access publisher serving the academic research and scientific communities by launching peer reviewed journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines.
We invite you to submit your papers to our journals.

1. Various Discounts on Article Processing Charges
To promote the advancement of science, we will only charge a nominal fee for accepted papers. Please refer to the journal’s homepage for detail.
2. High Quality, Rapid Production
The time between initial screening and online publication is normally around 2 months.
3. Peer Review
All new articles submitted must undergo a rigorous review. The review results will be notified within 30 days.
4. How to Submit
Please submit your manuscript through our Online Manuscript Tracking System. Also, you can send your manuscript to submission@hrpub.org.
5. Register
Customer support is free for
registered users .

Horizon Research Publishing, USA


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