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SCAR Bulletin 198 published

We are pleased to announce that the latest SCAR Bulletin is now published on the website.  Bulletin 198 contains the Report of the SCAR Delegation to ATCM XL and CEP XX in Beijing, China, 22 May – 01 June 2017.  This was a particularly busy Treaty meeting for SCAR with eight Working Papers (five lead and three co-sponsored), eleven Information Papers (six lead and five co-sponsored) and two Background Papers submitted.  All the submitted papers can be found on the ATCM 40 page in the Treaty Papers section of the website.

The meeting report is posted on the Bulletins page of the website, where all previous SCAR Bulletins are available to view and download.

Kind regards,

Rosemary Nash
Administrative Assistant, SCAR​
Створено 04.09.2017 11:35