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Case Studies in Construction Materials


Change in editorial policy for Case Studies in Construction Materials

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Since its inception, Case Studies in Construction Materials (CSCM) has focused on publishing case studies on construction materials that relate to actual building projects. The journal has published 35 of these case studies, with contributions from engineering professionals as well as those at academic institutes. The published papers have received over 50,000 downloads from 96 different countries.

The journal operates an extremely selective criteria for inclusion to ensure that all papers published relate to a specific project or building/s. However, given that papers based on lab studies do often have practical relevance, CSCM has recently changed its editorial policy to consider short case studies that result from lab experiments. As one of the aims of the journal is to connect research and practice, Professor Kosmas Sideris joins Michael Grantham, the editor-in-chief, to act as the editor to handle lab based submissions.

So, in short, CSCM will now welcome lab based studies (as well as practice based case studies), provided that they conform with the guidelines for authors and have the potential to inform or influence the practising engineer. If you are working in an area where you feel your work can have a strong influence on practice, then please do consider CSCM as an outlet for your publications. Once your paper is published, you will receive detailed and personalised feedback on the readership of your publication, including the number of downloads, the keywords authors use to find your work and the geographical spread of readership.

Case Studies in Construction Materials is a peer reviewed, open access journal that provides a forum for the rapid publication of short, structured case studies on construction materials and related short communications. An example of some of the papers published in the journal follows below:

·         The National Monument to Francesco Baracca in Lugo di Romagna (Ravenna, Italy): Materials, techniques and conservation aspects

·         Corrosion condition evaluations of historic concrete icons

·         Field performance of bacteria-based repair system: Pilot study in a parking garage

·         Turkey's grand challenge: Disaster-proof building inventory within 20 years

·         Evaluating in situ thermal transmittance of green buildings masonries—A case study

·         Innovative solutions please, as long as they have been proved elsewhere: The case of a polished lime-pozzolan concrete floor

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