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Nature of Market Linkages in the Post-Crisis World‏

The Nature of Market Linkages in the Post-Crisis World

Are you researching linkages between asset markets, across international markets, and between asset markets and the macroeconomy? 

Submitting your research to Cogent Economics & Finance will bring your studies to a global readership through publishing open access. 

Articles published in this forthcoming special collection will explore the impact of the banking-led crisis of 2007–2009, which resulted in the great recession and subsequently the sovereign debt crises, and continues to affect the global economy and international finance markets.

‘The Nature of Market Linkages in the Post-Crisis World’ seeks high-quality theoretical, applied, empirical and policy-oriented submissions, as well as practitioner papers that show how the changing economic and financial environment affect the decisions made by investment practitioners. 

Submission deadline: 6th November 2015.


Reminder: Call for Papers in Economic and Econometric Tools for Teaching and Learning

This special collection in Economic and Econometric Tools for Teaching and Learning will bring together a broad range of contributions to explore, support and develop existing and new approaches used by colleagues in their teaching. Find out more.


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Do you have an idea for a special issue?

If you have an idea for a special issue or wish to submit a proposal, we’d love to hear from you.

Special issues may feature a complete collection of papers related to a theme or a conference, or alternatively can feature an open-ended dialogue on a given topic with discussion and response papers published over a set period of time. 

Special issues can feature original research articles, review papers, or short communications (such as research letters, notes and discussion papers).

Please get in touch with a brief overview of your idea.

It would be my pleasure to provide additional guidance and feedback to special issue Guest Editor(s) to bring exciting new scholarship to the widest possible audience.

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