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INSIGHTS - A Look at the Importance of Collaborative Teams in the Tech Space
by Larry Alton
There’s an old worn out saying that goes like this: “There’s no ‘I’ in team.” And despite being overly used and regurgitated, it’s a true statement. Whether it’s in a sports arena or a downtown office complex, teams are built on the premise of “we” – not “me.” This is especially true for businesses and brands in the tech space, where collaboration fosters innovation.





Fully Open Source Software Will Help Realize the Full Benefits of the Internet of Everything
by Kathy Giori
Each day more devices are added to the repertoire of smart technology, continuing to expand the Internet of Everything (IoE), creating a demand for a broad ecosystem in which technology leaders may collaborate.

SECURITY - Keeping the Wolves at Bay: Strategies to Protect Against the New DDoS

by Rishi Agarwal

What do connected cars, smart appliances and self-adjusting thermostats have in common? They are part of the rapidly growing Internet of Things (IoT). Far more than the latest catchphrase or short-lived tech trend, IoT is a real phenomenon that is here to stay, offering greater convenience to consumers and untold opportunities for businesses.


CAREERS - 6 Vital Tips for Hiring a Great Programmer

by Drew Hendricks

Hiring a new programmer for your team is a big commitment, and you want to be as sure as possible that whomever you hire will work. Know what you are looking for, and do not rush into anything unless it feels right on both sides.


Telemedicine Enhancing Health Wearables

While wearable health tech is still in its early days, its popularity is growing and the general public is beginning to understand the benefits. And this bodes well for the continued growth of telemedicine.

SECURITY - Analyst Commentary

by Skillsoft

This issue of AnalystPerspectives Weekly Scan covers analyst commentary from the week ending June 26, 2015.



Using Procurement Analytics to Simplify Your Supplier Reconciliation

by Keith Peterson
Author of the New Blog: All Things Supply Chain Analytics

Ask finance managers to name a necessary evil of their responsibilities and many will cite reconciling goods received against invoices not received (“GR-NI”). The GR-NI issue is time-consuming to manage but not exactly mission critical to finding new business. Because of that it often gets demoted to the lowest of priorities. Not dealing with GR-NI, however, creates financial liabilities and can introduce significant risk to your business operations.

Exploring Unmet Opportunities in the $24 Billion Wearable Technology Industry

by Raghu Das

Author of the New Blog: IDTechEx Emerging Technologies

Given its rising popularity and expansion in the marketplace, we’ve decided to focus our first piece on one of today’s hottest markets: wearables. In this post, you’ll find some key trends, where the market’s heading, a few examples of popular wearables and additional information about the unexplored opportunities in this market.


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