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2015 Volunteer Leadership Training Program (VOLT)

The purpose of this communication is to announce the structure of the 2015 Volunteer Leadership Training Program (VOLT).

Last year, the Volunteer Leadership Training Program (VOLT) was successfully implemented with the participation of 32 volunteers from all the regions of the IEEE. The 6-month long program launched in April 2014 and targeted volunteers with a true desire to learn about the broader IEEE, who want to participate in IEEE committees, and consider taking leadership positions within their units. 

During the first 3 months of the 2014 program, participants were exposed to an in-depth learning of the IEEE structure and organizational units outside of MGA. The last 3 months focused on acquiring practical leadership knowledge that participants can apply in their professional and personal environments.

The success and popularity of the VOLT program is evident by the continuous positive feedback received from its graduates, mentors, and many volunteers across the regions. In response to this positive feedback, the VOLT Ad Hoc Committee has decided to make the IEEE foundational content available to a larger audience. For 2015 the program will consist of two tracks: 

TRACK 1 will cover key organizational units of the IEEE and focus on the foundational knowledge of the organization. These pre-requisite courses will be available to all IEEE volunteers through the Center for Leadership Excellence (CLE) website starting July 10th 2015.  

TRACK 2 will start on September 2015 and last three months. It will focus mainly on leadership related topics.

To access the TRACK 1 courses go to https://ieee-elearning.org/CLE/  using the IEEE Account.Choose the category “Volunteer Leadership Training Pre-Requisite” to begin. Volunteers who complete the foundational Track 1 in the CLE by Aug 24th can apply for consideration for the VOLT Program starting in September 2015. Enrollment in the 2015 class will be determined by the VOLT Ad Hoc Committee based on predefined criteria. Details will be communicated shortly. 

As the Chair of the VOLT Ad Hoc committee, I am asking your help with sharing this information with all interested volunteers. The success of the VOLT program in 2013 and 2014 was unprecedented. We want to ensure that a larger number of IEEE volunteers take advantage of this important training and learn more about the great organization they are part of. Section Chairs are encouraged to reach out to their volunteers as applicants to the September class will need your endorsement as part of the criteria.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.
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