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13 лет проекту СиБ: ИТОГИ года ИКТ-рынка! 
В декабрьском номере редакция журнала «Сети и Бизнес» вместе с активными игроками рынка подводят итоги деятельности за год, делятся планами и прогнозами. Основная тематика – ЦОД : управление, «облачные сервисы», инфраструктура, охлаждение и энергообеспечение!​

EURO Newsletter # 33
December 8, 2015
In This Issue
Special Announcements
EURO Awards 2016. EURO Doctoral Dissertation Award
EURO Awards 2016. EURO Excellence in Practice Award
EURO Support for NATCOR Bursaries
Call for Short Term Scientific Missions. Bridging the Gap Between Scientific Uncertainty and Evidence-Based Decision Making
Conferences and Meetings
EURO Working Group on Decision Support Systems (EWG­DSS). International Conference on Decision Support System Technology (ICDSST 2016). Plymouth, UK, 23­-25 May, 2016
EURO Working Group on Vehicle Routing and Logistics Optimization. VeRoLog 2016. Nantes, France, 6-8 June, 2016
EURO Working Group on OR for Development. International Conference on Operational Research IFORS for Development - ICORD 2016. México City, México, 9-10 June, 2016
EURO Working Group on Transportation. EWGT2016. Istanbul, Turkey, 5-7 September, 2016
Belgian OR Society. ORBEL 30. Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, 28-29 January, 2016
2016 INFORMS Optimization Society Conference. Princeton, NJ, 17-19 March, 2016
2016 INFORMS Conference on Business Analytics and O.R. Orlando, Florida, 10-12 April, 2016
8th IMA Conference on Quantitative Modelling in the Management of Health and Social Care. Challenges and Opportunities in a Big Data Era. London, UK, 21-23 March, 2016
4th International Symposium on Combinatorial Optimization. ISCO 2016. Salerno, Italy, 18-20 May, 2016
14th International Conference on Data Envelopment Analysis. DEA2016. Wuhan, China, 23-26 May, 2016
Canadian Operational Research Society Annual Conference. 58th CORS Annual Conference. Banff, Canada, 30 May-1 June, 2016
14th Cologne-Twente Workshop on Graphs & Combinatorial Optimization. CTW 2016. Gargnano, Italy, 6-8 June, 2016
MCDA/M Summer School. Recife, Brazil, 18-29 July, 2016
11th International Conference on the Practice and Theory of Automated Timetabling. PATAT 2016. Udine, Italy, 23-26 August, 2016
European Journal on Transportation and Logistics (EJTL). Special Issue: Call for Papers on hEART 2015: demand models
EURO Journal on Computational Optimization (EJCO). Special Issue: Call for Papers on Computational Advances in Combinatorial Optimization
European Journal of Operational Research (EJOR). Special Issue: Call for Papers on Trends in Operational Research Approaches for Sustainability
INFORMS: Transportation Science. Special Issue: Call for Papers on Recent Advances in Urban Transportation Through Optimization and Analytics
Optimization: A Journal of Mathematical Programming and Operations Research. Special Issue: Call for Papers on Making an Impact with Optimization
MDPI Algorithms Journal. Special Issue: Call for Papers on Parallel Algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization Problems
Surveys in Operations Research and Management Science. Special Issue: Call for Papers on Humanitarian Operations
OR Spectrum. Special Issue: Call for Papers on Rail Terminal Operations
Annals of Operations Research. Special Issue: Call for Papers on DEA and Its Applications in Operations and Data Analytics
IFORS Newsletter. December 2015
Competitions, Prizes and Awards
VeRoLog Doctoral Dissertation Prize
ROADEF/EURO CHALLENGE 2016. Inventory Routing Problem
ACP-Challenge (organized in the context of CP2016)​

Напоминаем, что IEEE ComSoc ежегодно проводит конкурс на получение премий для молодых исследователей EMEA Regional Young Researcher of the Year Award. Размер премии составляет до $500. 

Условия участия: 
- возраст учасника не должен превышать 35 лет; 
- учасники должны быть членами IEEE и проживать в регионе EMEA (Европа, Ближний Восток и Африка); 
- премия выплачивается только лучшему кандидату. 

Подробную информацию Вы можете найти на сайте:http://chapters.comsoc.org/EMEA/




Accelerate Your Student's IoT Learning Curve with Yocto*

Free Yocto Project curricula and software resources from Intel can make sure your students have access to the latest Internet of Things (IoT) concepts and technologies. View the webinar to learn how >



Forums, Webinars and New Curriculum Support IoT Teaching

Recent IoT resources from the Intel® Higher Education Program can augment your efforts to teach the latest embedded technologies:



Global Contests Provide Opportunties for University Innovators



Intel Germany Celebrates Girls Day with Chancellor Merkel

Using an Intel® Galileo board, female robotics students from the University of Pforzheim demonstrated their humanoid NAO robot to German Chancellor Angela MerkelLearn more about using Intel Galileo boards for IoT projects >

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Chinese faculty, Intel technologists and industry executives recently shared the latest academic strategies.

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Announcing Open Innovation Labs

Intel recently announced its collaboration with Nanyang Technological University and Nanyang Polytechnic in Singapore for Open Innovation Labs at each institution.

See the announcement >

Introducing a New Class of Memory Technology

How will the revolutionary 3D Xpoint™ non-volatile memory technology—up to 1,000 times faster than NAND—affect future product development for your students?

View a webcast describing the technology >​


Dear Researchers,

We would like to invite you for the submission of your valuable research paper for Volume 6, Issue 4, July - Aug., 2015 of IJECCE.

For more detail please : www.ijecce.org



View Online | Download PDF: Hi-Res - Low-Res



Dear Chapter Chairs,

I invite you to publicize this Call among the members of your Chapter and to do your best
to ensure that best students will participate to the 
3rd edition of the IEEE ComSoc Student Competition
"Communications Technology Changing the World". 
I and Nelson Fonseca, respectively current and past ComSoc VP for Member Relations, launched and coordinate this Program.

The Competition is intended for graduate and undergraduate students
Its purpose is to recognize students or teams of students who demonstrate the capacity to improve the lives of people, through the application of communication technology and the development of projects that meet the human needs of people. 

The First Prize consists of $2000+plaque and will be presented to winner(s) at IEEE GLOBECOM 2015.
See all details at:
The deadline for submissions is 15 August.

The Student Competition has been a great success in 2013 and 2014. We hope to receive many qualified submissions also this year. 
Many thanks for your attention.
Best regards.

Stefano Bregni​


Understand how wireless network architecture was designed in the past and how it has converged with the packet-based IP networks serving the customer demands today.
Getting lost in network architecture protocols, interfaces and elements? Take this one day course to:
  • Step through network architectures (take a look from the

    early days to today; including operator networks and personal area networks)
  • Relate overall wireless network architecture function and evolution to various systems deployed today ( WiFi, 2G, 3G, 4G, and beyond)
  • Understand the approach of standards bodies (IEEE, 3GPP, 3GPP2)
  • Align network function to the elements required in the architecture
  • Understand the keys to optimal end-to-end network performance
Arm yourself with the knowledge to understand wireless network architecture direction as the industry continues to pave a path toward a more enhanced connected world.


Wednesday, July 22, 2015
10:00am to 2:00pm EST
Online via WebEx
$125 IEEE/ComSoc member;  $150 non-member ​



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Building the Internet of Things
Guest Editors: Vincenzo Piuri and Roberto Minerva
The Internet of Things envisions systems of networked sensors and smart objects that work together to make an environment intelligent, usable, and programmable
Also available in Spanish and Chinese and as an MP3

Articles in the issue:


Internet of Things: Making the Hype a Reality
What will it take to turn the chatter about the IoT into our everyday reality? Arpan Pal identifies six key areas the industry will need to address.

Principles for Human-Centered Interaction Design, Part 2: Can Humans and Machines Think Together?
This column introduces the Network Observatory, a human-centered cyber sensemaking system, and discusses the visual and sensemaking design principles employed therein.

Multimedia Search: From Relevance to Usefulness
To continue advancing search effectiveness, a shift from "relevance" to "query intent" and "user needs" offers an important refinement in focus.

Privacy Governance in Cyberspace
Multi-stakeholder mechanisms offer a promising way to deal with privacy policies in global cyberspace.

John Resig: Building jQuery
John Resig discusses the birth of the JavaScript library jQuery and how it came to play a key role in the browser software ecosystem.

The Origin and Early History of the Computer Security Software Products Industry
The first in a two-part series, Jeff Yost leads a tour through the history of cybersecurity, much of which is being recorded for posterity through his own research with the Charles Babbage Institute.
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Call for Presentations - STC 2015

We invite you to connect with your colleagues and share your ideas, success stories, and lessons learned in applying software and systems technology to meet our common challenges. View details.

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IEEE BlackSeaCom 2014 : IEEE 4th International Black Sea Conference on Communications and Networking




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Welcome to this first issue of Inside Customer Engagement, one of three new newsletters designed to address your specific areas of interest. Look out for Inside Agile Business & IT and Inside Digital Business & IoT too.​


Відділ міжнародних проектів пропонує Вашій увазі випуск № 204 інформаційної системи «Джерело».​


IDF 2014 в Сан-Франциско — это лучшее место для обмена новостями технологий и важных анонсов. В Intel Ultimate MakerSpace прошел запуск нового комплекта для разработчиков Intel® IoT Developer Kit, а также было проведено несколько потрясающих демонстраций.​..


IEEE: Advancing Techonology for Humanity


The growing demand for broadband/wideband satellite communications (satcom) for mobile and temporary locations has motivated the introduction of technology solutions and network architectures that provide bi-directional connectivity at tens to hundreds of Mbps...


Have a look: with this issue, we launch its new graphic design! I hope you will like it as I do. This new contemporary layout is the result of a long meticulous design work between me and the ComSoc staff, always supportive for our new initiatives.​

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