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Exclusive invitation to the 2nd Digital Cities Summit

This is your exclusive invitation to the 2nd Digital Cities Summit on February 26 and 27th, 2018, being held at Stanford Global Projects CenterThis by-invitationsummit will bring together world class experts in emerging technology, digital cities and corporate commercialization, together with 300 corporate executives from over 100 global companies. The first conference held in 2017 was sold out. 

Transform Disruptive Technology into New Business Models

The summit will focus on technology disruption and new business models for telecos, including issues focused on predictive analytics, data crossing the commercial markets' urban layers, and a look at managing bandwidth for autonomous vehicles and IoT.  You will also explore the impact of emerging technologies on urban life and commercial business models – including transportation, city infrastructure, construction, aerospace, healthcare for urban areas, urban agriculture, and the environment. Check out the agenda here.

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